Supporting Employees with Caregiver Responsibilities

Harvard Business School’s Joseph B. Fuller and Manjari Raman have done a terrific job of laying out the case for employers to take action now to support employees with caregiver responsibilities, based on enlightened self-interest. Read their report now at Caring Company: How Employers Can Cut Costs and Boost Productivity by Helping Employees Manage Caregiving Needs (PDF). It’s chock full of up-to-date data and insights. The one area that Fuller and Raman neglect to mention is the key importance of corporate/community partnerships. The scope of the caregiver/work balance program is too large for employers to address in isolation from the wider community. A good example of a corporate/community partnership that’s shaping up to have significant impact is the Alliance on Aging at the United Way of Lehigh Valley (PA). For 2020, they’re focusing on loneliness among older residents – and how employer/community partnerships, among other factors, can start to reduce loneliness – which can be a killer for persons of any age, but particularly among isolated elders. See for more ideas on how employers can make a positive impact on the lives of elders in the community.

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