Education and Training Programs

We book a limited number of in-person presentations and consulting engagements each year tailored to your company, association, consumer conference, or organization’s needs.

Our goal is transformation of the individual’s perspective – and the organization’s strategic approach to caregiving/work balance, recognizing that solutions require collaboration among many disciplines and between the private sector, public agencies, and the non-profit health and social services sector.

Our education and training programs are participatory and interactive – and are designed to

  • provide the insight, knowledge and skills needed to help employers reduce productivity losses related to caregiving/work conflicts and
  • empower employee caregivers to take charge of their lives to achieve work/life balance.

Examples of online and in-person programs, customized to meet your needs and goals:

Keynote Speech/Seminar: “Caregiving and Employee Productivity: Win-Win-Win Solutions”

  • The trends driving today’s emerging crisis in caregiving/work balance
  • The changing social contract for work
  • The cost of doing nothing – for employer and employee
  • Why this issue won’t go away
  • Three pain points and how to address them
  • The critical role of Corporate Leadership in bringing Corporate Culture to life
  • How managers and supervisors can nip productivity losses in the bud
  • Ten low-cost, no-cost solutions that really work
  • Creating Triple Win Solutions – for the employer, employee and community

Caregiver Friendly Workplace: Assessments and Leadership Briefings
We assess your organization’s culture, policies, benefits, and practices in light of industry best practices and present a strategic approach to effectively address the key factors that drive productivity losses related to caregiving/work conflicts.

Includes recommendations for specific training and communications strategies to

  • make the most of the work/life balance initiatives you already have in place and
  • retain your most valuable employees by empowering them to find the internal balance they need to sustain their productivity during times of stress related to the demands of caregiving

Employed Family Caregiver Workshops: “Caregiving and Work: Finding the Balance”
A fast-paced, interactive workshop that focuses on personal transformation and empowerment to

  • minimize productivity losses and employee turnover and
  • gain stronger commitment from employees.

Using the workbook, Caregivers Work: A Six Step Guide to Balancing Work and Family, this session gives the employee the tools to

  • adopt a healthy perspective on balancing caregiving and work
  • understand the nature of the job of caregiving
  • cope with crisis situations when they arise
  • learn specific strategies and skills to cope with stress
  • communicate effectively with co-workers, managers, and health and social service professionals
  • gain an understanding of the range of workplace and community resources available to support caregiving/work balance
  • sort through the abundance of information out there to find the right resources and help, at the right time, for his or her specific situation