Professional Practitioners

If you are an individual professional who works in any of these – or other – disciplines…

  • Human Resources/Employee Assistance/Work-Life/Wellness
  • Organizational Development
  • Health & Human Services
  • Psychology/Psychiatry/Counseling
  • Public Officials, elected or appointed/Public Policy Staff
  • Philanthropy

…you need practical approaches and solutions to provide for your employees or clients.

Two ways to get started right now:

#1 Empower yourself, your managers, and the employed caregivers you know by giving them this powerful tool: Caregivers Work: A Six Step Guide to Balancing Work and Family – Elder Care Edition.

Available in print, e-book and audiobook formats, it’s the only resource of its kind. Honed at workshops with hundreds of employed caregivers – just like your clients or employees – this practical, step-by-step guide that cuts through the seeming complexity of issues to help the employed caregiver:

  • Keep or regain a healthy perspective on the job of caregiving
  • Pay attention to self-care
  • Effectively tap workplace resources
  • Navigate the network of community and online resources for

#2 Tap the information and support listed in the Resources section.


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Effectively providing the support and assistance that all employed caregivers need requires a combination of strengthened employee benefits policies and practices – and improvement of social safety net programs in the public sector.

Professional Counselors Need Work Life Balance Too

If you are a professional who counsels and assists employees with their work/life stresses, you also need to care for yourself. Personal balance starts with setting aside time – every day and every week – to get back in touch with your own calm center. It can be done! And the Caregivers Work is a community dedicated to helping you sustain yourself as well as your clients.

This Bradley University article on How Counselors Can Achieve Work Life Balance provides suggestions for immediate steps you can take.

The Family Caregiver-Friendly Workplace action forum provides an ongoing, ever-evolving forum for idea-sharing, support, and united action – to help you be more effective in your work place… and to unite with others to bring about needed change in public policies and programs to support employed family caregivers.

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