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Avoid Productivity Disaster: Plan Ahead

One-in-four American households includes a family caregiver. Whether you are a business owner/manager or a professional practitioner, you are working with individuals who are experiencing the stresses and joys of caregiving right now.

“The spectrum of care, from childcare to eldercare, ranges across every demographic… Workers of all ages and levels of seniority are affected. Given the lack of support at work, many employees hide the growing burden of caregiving responsibilities… Individual productivity suffers accordingly, inflicting a cost on the employer. When the emotional and physical stress becomes too much, the (employed caregiver’s) capacity for work becomes impaired… Eventually, employers pay… They lose talented, trained employees.” (The Caring Company report, Harvard Business School, 2019)

The good news? Caregivers Work can help. Check out any of the sections here to learn about approaches and resources that can help you, your company, and your employees/clients better cope with caregiving/work challenges.

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