Employer Best Practices for Caregiving/Work Balance: How does your employer rate?

Which of these are offered by your employer? (Recommended “best practices” in the 2015 Family Caregiving Alliance and AARP joint report)

  1. Value caregiver employees based on job performance and don’t assume they are not committed to their jobs.
  2. Allow workplace flexibility like flex-time, compressed workweeks (i.e., working 10-hour days), part-time or reduced hours for part of the year, telecommuting.
  3. For hourly employees on strict schedules, do away with policies that terminate workers based on number of tardies or absences no matter the reason.
  4. Train and educate supervisors and managers on their role in work/life balance and what constitutes caregiver discrimination.  Hold managers accountable to see and respond to caregiver needs.
  5. Offer eldercare support, resources, and referral services to caregiver employees.  Don’t act like the workplace is divorced from community resources for caregiver employees.
  6. Recruit persons with personal caregiving experience.  Don’t miss the opportunity to hire caregiver individuals who are looking to reenter the job market after caregiving.

For more, see Caregivers Work: A Six Step Guide to Balancing Work and Family http://caregiverswork.com  

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