Employed Family Caregivers

Hi, I’m John Paul Marosy, founder of Caregivers Work. I’ve lived the caregiving/work balancing act on three different occasions so far in my lifetime. My wife Donna and I are both busy professionals… and we’re care partners with Donna’s 92-year-old mother who lives with us. And I’m here to tell you: It is possible to balance the demands of caregiving and work!

In fact, with the help of hundreds of other employed caregivers just like you and me, I’ve developed a practical approach that really works.

Maybe you don’t think of the work you do to help out an older relative, special needs child or a partner or friend with an illness or disability as a JOB.

If you find yourself involved in caregiving, take heart! You are not alone. In fact, one in four households includes a family caregiver — and most caregivers also work outside the home.

Are you a family caregiver?

“Anyone can become a caregiver at a moment’s notice. All it takes is a stroke, an accident, or a debilitating illness – And someone you love.”
— Suzanne Mintz, Founder, Caregiver Action Network

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John Paul Marosy, Founder/CEO of Caregivers Work with his wife, Donna & mother-in-law, Dorothy

Care Partners: John Paul with his wife Donna and Dorothy, Donna’s 92- year old mom.