About Us

Who We Are

Caregivers Work is a community of professionals and individual family caregivers dedicated to creating family caregiver-friendly workplaces together.

We help employers minimize productivity losses related to caregiving/work conflicts.

We educate and empower employee caregivers to achieve work/life balance.

We welcome the participation of everyone who shares our passion to improve the quality of life of employed caregivers.


We envision a society in which every employer recognizes, values, and effectively supports each worker who chooses to care for a loved one with a disability or impairment and remain gainfully employed.

Mission & Unique Purpose

Our mission is to support workers in effectively balancing the demands of caregiving and work by educating and advocating for action by employers, employees, and public officials.

With the aging of the population – worldwide and in the United States – an unprecedented number of workers are facing the challenges of caregiving/work balance. We believe that the public and private sectors need to work collaboratively to better support these workers in order to

  • promote good health,
  • keep families together,
  • reduce or avoid productivity losses, and
  • control healthcare costs.

Caregivers Work combines education and concerted action by a community of concerned individuals and organizations. We improve caregiving/work balance by

  • training and educating managers and leaders,
  • training and educating employed family caregivers, and
  • promoting adoption and implementation of policies and practices by employers and governments.


We pursue our mission in a spirit of collaboration, creativity, and critical inquiry and we share the latest research findings, innovative ideas, approaches.

We conduct ourselves with integrity and mutually-respectful communication.

We believe that the best solutions come from employed family caregivers themselves.

We value and actively seek to include a diversity of perspectives and views.

We consciously build a diverse network of individuals and organizations representing all ages, abilities, genders, sexual identities, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and cultures.