Creating Family Caregiver-Friendly Workplaces Together

We help employers minimize productivity losses related to caregiving work conflicts.

We provide employees with the insights, information, and tools they need to balance the demands of job and family caregiving.

Whether you’re a business owner or manager – or an employee caught up in the caregiving work balancing act – Caregivers Work can help.

“As the COVID pandemic eases and the economy picks up steam,  family-friendly employers will have a leg up on recruiting and retaining great talent.  Now’s the time to position your company by strengthening caregiver supportive benefits and practices.”
John Paul Marosy, Founder, Caregivers Work LLC.

“American companies are facing a caregiving crisis – they just refuse to acknowledge it. Rising healthcare and professional caregiving costs and changing demographics over the past few decades have put great pressure on American employees as they try to balance work and care responsibilities. Yet, many employers remain largely oblivious to the growing costs of this hidden “care economy” – costs that hurt employers and employees alike.” From The Caring Company report by Joseph B. Fuller and Manjari Raman, Harvard Business School, Managing the Future of Work Project, 2019.

Find out how your company can begin today to effectively help your employees manage their caregiving responsibilities, avoid costly productivity losses, and build your strategic advantage in today’s fast-changing labor market. Download your free copy now of Blueprint for Balance: Ten Steps Every Employer Can Take Right Now to Minimize Productivity Losses Related to Caregiving/Work Conflicts.

John Paul Marosy
Founder, Caregivers Work LLC

THE Book to Reduce Caregiving/Work Productivity Losses

Caregivers Work: A Six Step Guide to Balancing Work and Family – Elder Care Edition

  • Helps employers prevent productivity losses related to caregiving/work conflicts, and
  • brings clarity and balance for the employee juggling caregiving and work.

Completely updated for today’s employee and today’s labor market, this award-winning classic delivers the guidance and the tools needed to find work/family balance.

Provides insight for business owners and managers who want to assure their 
employees remain active, engaged, and productive on the job.

The single most effective resource you can provide for employees.

Contact us for quantity discounts and customized content. We can create a company-specific edition with your logo – highlighting your culture, values, and benefits package.


How Employers Benefit

With content honed at workshops with hundreds of employee caregivers just like yours, this practical, step-by-step guide simplifies a complex problem and empowers your managers and employees to:

  • Cut down on distractions at work
  • Reduce stress while increasing work focus
  • Pay attention to staying healthy
  • Communicate positively and effectively to meet business and personal goals
  • Effectively tap workplace and community resources

How Employees Benefit

Employees tell us this book is simply the best resource of its kind, renewing hope and making tough situations manageable. The employed giver gains the ability to:

  • Keep or regain a healthy perspective on the job of caregiving
  • Pay attention to self-care and staying healthy
  • Quickly tap workplace resources
  • Safely and effectively communicate with supervisor and co-workers
  • Cut through internet information overload to find needed help fast

Personalized Consultation

We accept a limited number of custom consultation engagements for employers who wish to enhance the effectiveness of their work/life balance programs to better support their employed caregivers, for example:

  • Executive briefing
  • Manager training
  • Corporate culture reality check
  • Communicating effectively with employed caregivers
  • Corporate/community partnership development
  • Caregiver friendly workplace assessment

We work collaboratively with select clients who seek sustainable change.

What people say about Caregivers Work: A Six Step Guide to Balancing Work and Family

“Caregiving engages us emotionally, physically, and logistically. Marosy has been working in this area for decades and knows that there’s no “correct“ way to manage family caregiving: no magic solution for the complications of relationships, care needs, and competing claims on our time. What he does in his new edition is provide an organized, systematic formula to help caregivers plan for the unexpected and difficult issues that are likely to arise – particularly useful for first time caregivers.”

Donna Wagner, Ph.D.
Dean of the College of Health and Social Services, New Mexico State University

“This guide is a must for employers as well as employed caregivers… a cost effective way for employers to avoid productivity losses related to elder care – while empowering employees who are dealing with this growing issue.”

Ken Apfel
Director of the Management, Finance and Leadership Program, University of Maryland, Former Commissioner of the Social Security Administration, and former Associate Director of the Office of Management and Budget

“John Paul’s book is a welcome resource for HR professionals and employees: compassionate, timely, and comprehensive – packed with essential information for caregivers. Six steps with six hundred helpful suggestions.”

Jack Curley
Executive Director (retired) of the New England Employee Benefits Council

“Having a career in the field of aging prepared me for the daunting task of being a caregiver to both of my parents, yet mostly in theory. I found that nothing but the actuality of the situation teaches you how to be with the raw and broad spectrum of emotions that a caregiver experiences. Addressing everything from self care to financial planning, this book is a vital companion for anyone trying to balance work, life and caregiving responsibilities.”

Amy Angelo, BSW, MSOD

“A Resource Every Working Caregiver Needs Right Now! Working while providing care for an aging loved one can be immensely challenging. Trying to navigate the system to assist a loved one while maintaining your sanity seems like an impossible achievement. Successfully balancing work and the care of someone you love often depends on having the access to the right information at the right time. I understand firsthand how daunting this task can be. My personal experience with working and caring for my husband’s mother would have been greatly enhanced if we would have had Caregivers Work at the time. Caregivers Work – it will help you set a foundation for successful caregiving.”

Dr. Eboni Green, PhD
Founder & CEO, Caregiver Support Services

John Paul Marosy

John Paul Marosy is a pioneer in the field of aging and caregiving/work balance. An accomplished leader in geriatric healthcare management, John Paul is the author of numerous articles on caregiving/work balance, as well as the ground-breaking reference text A Manager’s Guide to Elder Care and Work (Quorum Books, 1999). And he has lived the caregiving/work balance experience as caregiver for his father and two other older relatives. He is the recipient of a Presidential Citation for the Planning Partnership in Aging, a business/government initiative focused on helping elders and their caregivers living independently in their own homes. John Paul is a graduate of Saint Peter’s University and Boston University and resides in Denver, CO.

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